D E B R A   J A N   B I B E L



Notable Visitors to the Studio






Yuval & Carolyne Aycaguer-Ron

Yuval is a Los Angeles-based composer and musician and director of the Yuval Ron Ensemble, a spiritual Middle Eastern group. Carolyne is an art editor and assistant at the Metabolic Studio, which transforms unused urban terrain into productive activities to feed body and mind.


Justyn Zolli

Justyn is a San Francisco painter with metaphysical, transpersonal approaches through geometry and nature.


Robert Paterson

Robert is a New York-based classical music composer and percussionist, son of artists, and artistic director of the American Modern Ensemble.


Chrissy Crowe 'Sunflower' Sepulveda

Chrissy is a southern California-based professor of anthropology and student of  American ethnomusicology.








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Frankye Kelly

Frankye is a jazz and blues vocalist.






Richard Haw

Richard is Associate Professor at John Jay College in New York

 He is a biographer of Leon Bibel, one of whose art pieces is shown.