Bibel’s style or eye — a sense of core patterns of solid shapes and space as form ––  is found in her photography as well as her paintings.  Black and white images accentuate these forms, essentially manifesting their architecture.  Here are some examples.

Debra Jan Bibel

An Exploration, An Evolution

Black & White Photographs



 Group C:           Group A:

                                  Group B:           Group D:  



Backdrop to a Greek Tragedy                  Flows



      Cargo Creatures

Gravel in a New Light


Signal for a Serpent Electric Reservoir

Wood Pile  #1

Wood Pile  #2:   Tree Ring Abstraction

Sons of Vulcan  Jackson’s Canopy


Group A:

Group B:

 Group D:  

City SynthesisSquare/RectangleStripes
Circle & LineDotsSwirl & Curve

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