Bibel’s style or eye — a sense of core patterns of solid shapes and space as form ––  is found in her photography as well as her paintings.  Black and white images accentuate these forms, essentially manifesting their architecture.  Here are some examples.

Debra Jan Bibel

An Exploration, An Evolution

Black & White Photographs



  Group D:          Group A:

                                     Group B:          Group C:   



Bodega Bird in Repose

Taking Off

After the Concert

Point on a Circle

Big Event on a Small Planet



Potential Energy




San Francisco Contrast


Atlantis Romani Village
Parallels Circle Guardians
Aziz the Dervish  I Aziz the Dervish II

Jackson Square

Inviting Stairs

Merging Falls

Brick Wall

Chinese Landscape: Falling Water

Sometimes, depending on subject (such as butterfly wings and flowers), color is necessary. Though blacks and grays of the left photograph are now dark greens and little chromatically is changed significantly, the cascading falls become more alive, more powerful than the abstract black & white version. It is this version, enlarged, that hangs in the Bibel studio.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

City SynthesisSquare/RectangleStripes
Circle & LineDotsSwirl & Curve

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