The circle is perfection.  But when you apply mathematics to it, you need to use pi, an indeterminate or transcendental number. Our retina, hence our scope of vision, is circular, though we place emphasis on the horizon, in contrast to cats, which are more sensitive to the vertical. The circle is steadfast and forthright, yet it implies gliding movement along a surface or a rotation in space, forming its noble derivative, the sphere.  Spiritual mandalas are circles, materialistic coins are circles.  The Zen enso, which is symbolic of the absolute, encompassing the dharma essence and Tao way neither lacking anything nor with anything in excess, is a brush painting of a circle. A circle pulls space around it.

The line is a connection or a path or vector.

Bibel discovers for herself what Calder had artistically pioneered and what a child playing with Tinkertoys knows intuitively: the lightness of being.  Here are skeletal formations in unbounded space, abstract yet representational and associative.  The mottled background provide organic, chaotic reality to the geometric ideals.

Debra Jan Bibel

An Exploration, An Evolution


Circle & Line


Year 2005



These 10 paintings, completed in 2005, are part of an ongoing, evolving series
See also: Circle & Line Series, Years 2008 present
[12 works]
                Circle & Line Series, Years 20062007
[13 works]

Chaco: Future Primitive (2005)  *
36 36 in.

           Subvia Aqua (2005), 24 24 in.  

     On the Atchison, Topeka & the Santa Fe    
(2005), 24 30 in.

Totems (2005), 30 40 in.


 Fleeting Rain (2005), 36 24 in.


Fire Dancers  (2005), 24 36 in.

Atoll Tale (2005), 24 48 in.

Backstage Elementals  (2005)
24 24 in.

Figurehead (2005), 24 30 in.

See also:                         
Circle & Line Series, Years 2008 present
                    Circle & Line Series, Years 20062007


The Lion Sleeps Tonight (2005)
      36 24 in.




*  Sold         Personal Collection

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