This page features acrylic paintings that are influenced by Japanese and Korean Zen sumi-e ink drawings. For ink & brush works, including Chinese calligraphy:

Debra Jan Bibel

An Exploration, An Evolution

Miscellaneous: East Asian Style



Neti, neti: not this, not that.  And yet ...

Other Miscellaneous


Plunge  (2018)
30 40 in. [canvas]; 32.5 44.5 in. [overall]

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Tempest  (2017)
48 36 in. [canvas]; 50.5 38 in. [overall]

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See Calligraphy & Inkwork Series for the study that led to this painting.

Central Asia  (2018)
48 24 in. [canvas]; 51.5 27 in. [overall]

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Fire on The Mountain  (2018)
36 24 in. [canvas]; 42 287 in. [overall]

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Note: This image is a very poor approximation of the subtle quality and hue of the actual painting.

Morning Pines  (2018)
36 18 in. [canvas]; 36.5 18.5 in. [overall]

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East Asia-related  Works from Other Series

            Sutra   (2015), 30 24 in. 

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Kwan Yin  (1983), 16 10 in.
 [Based on 7th century Japanese Temple Decoration] 

 Ink & Brush: Sumi-e & Calligraphy


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