Op for Optical Art is art that plays on optical illusions, on creating distortions, spatial effects, disorientations, and other tricks of perception.  Color itself, when placed adjacent to another contrasting hue, can produce an illusion of depth, with red seeming more in the foreground and blue pushed downward.  Op challenges our worldview, for seeing may be believing but it may not be necessarily true.  Bibel's works concentrate on the the zig-zag, in or out of phase, and their effects will vary where one stands in viewing: an oblique view will enhance separation. Lines delimiting sections may seem wavy; they are actually straight. Other compositions can dazzle or dance. One is meditatively intense. Before computers and computer graphics, Op Art was the first Virtual Reality. But is not our common take on this world also "As if"?

Debra Jan Bibel

An Exploration, An Evolution


The Op Series



These images are series of 14 works.  Some of the Stripes Series also have Op qualities.

(2023), 48 30 in.
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Perceive the wind, perceive the dance  (2022), 36 36 in.
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(2022), 40 30 in.

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Piano Jazz (2003) 18 36 in.
Plywood is part of the painting.

Breakers (2004), 36 24 in.

Round Midnight (2004), 24 36 in.

Euterpe's Ecological Ensemble

30 40 in.

Southern Command (2004), 24 36 in. Wadi (2004), 24 30 in.

November (2004), 30 36 in. Birds of Paradise (2004), 30 24 in. * Isfahan (2004), 24 30 in.



Headlands (2001), 31.5 38 in.,
stained plywood in part of the painting.


Psychedelic Painting No. 2 (2012), 50.5 50.5 in. [36-in. sides]


Music (2012), 20 16 in.

Ecosystem, More or Less  (2009), 30 30 in.

Primary location of this image is in Circle & Line Series.

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