D E B R A   J A N   B I B E L









Here is the image of  the painting Corcovado View. We see the buildings immediately. The colors are arbitrary, the whim of the artist, instead of the actual white, cream, and gray hues. The painting is architectural.





If the painting is placed on its side, the image becomes abstract with two zones along a slight diagonal. The buildings are no longer distinct, becoming blocks of something else, perhaps stacks of machinery.  We are not accustomed to this orientation.



Consider this section of the painting seen below:




This altered perspective and the image to the right emphasize the abstract quality of the city paintings. The colors and the elemental geometry of rectangles and parallelograms offer mental play.  A return to the normal view can now be examined with the  added consideration  of  their being merely painted geometric forms upon canvas.        



When the image is turned upside down, we have a stalactite arrangement. Those of us who are Sci-Fi film fans have seen something similar in spaceships and the Star Wars Death Star.  There is no up and down in space; it is relative to a center of gravity. Seen by a telescope from the northern hemisphere of the moon and beyond, the buildings of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia are a little like this.




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