The curve is sensual; the straight line is intellectual.  Curves and swirls are fluidic, organic . . . and realistic.  The curve is process and change.  It is a path influenced as much as by terrain as by its own momentum.  Bibel's recent works are dedicated to the straightedge, but the swirl and eddy do grab her attention from time to time.  These six examples show the spark of motion and a little humor, too.

Debra Jan Bibel

An Exploration, An Evolution


The Swirl & Curve Series



Loops and coils figure in the Circle & Line series.






Microbes (1979), 18 14 in.  Craze (2003), 36 36 in.  Sprigs of Maybe (2005), 30 24 in.*

Ether (1979), 36 36 in. *

                 Tranquilizer (1973), 80 40 in. 











Form & Flow: Study 1 (2017)
 16 12 in. 










Form & Flow: Study 2 (2017)
 16 12 in. 



City SynthesisSquare/RectangleStripes
Circle & LineDotsSwirl & Curve

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Evolutions (1983), 30 40 in.

*  Sold         Personal Collection


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